Tips for TOEFL 6-10

6. Build endurance
TOEFL takes four hours. Most individuals have a two-hour attention span, and most university classes are at-most two hours. After two hours, the human brain gets tired. Thus, performance begins to weaken. If you only study 1-2 hours at a time, your brain will not be ready to be productive during a 4-hour exam. At least, have longer study sessions on the weekend if you only have short study sessions during the week due to your schedule. Get enough sleep before this test. You must be well-rested for the brain to function. Eat protein to have enough energy on the day of the exam.

7. Be prepared

You will be prepared and not feel anxious if you get to the test center with everything you need. Statistics show that when people are anxious, the brain is not productive. Their memory will lapse. Arrive early. Be sure you know how to arrive to the test site beforehand so you are not stressed. Bring your current ID. Bring the necessary paperwork from ETS to show your registration.

8. Time yourself

Arrive early. 30-minutes ahead of schedule should be sufficient. Wear a watch. The iBT has a clock on the screen. Yet, still wear a watch to be sure that you arrive on time. Keep tabs on your time during the test. Do not spend extra time on the harder questions. After the reading and before the listening section, no break will take place. You have a 10-minute break before the Speaking section. Since you only have a limited time to write the essays, budge your time to plan, write, and then revise.

9. Dress comfortably

On the day of the exam, dress comfortably. You will not know whether the testing site is cold or hot, so it is best to have layers of clothing. Do not put on anything tight since you have to sit in one place for hours. Wear a lucky shirt so you feel confident. If you dress for success, you will perform your best.

10. Eat well before the exam

The exam takes about four hours. That is too long to not have eaten something. Since you cannot bring food into the test room, eat well before you start the test. Eating protein is best. Caffeine and sugar are not good since you may get shaky with your blood sugar going up and down. You do not want to get tired. Drink enough water that you are well-hydrated, but not too much that you have to go to the restroom.

Dress comfortably


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