TOEFL 60-Day Writing

TOEFL® 60-Day Writing


  • 5 Writing Section tests (5 integrated + 5 independent with 10 model essays) with feedback and coaching
  • 4 extra writing practice (2 integrated + 2 independent with model essays)
  • One-on-one Skype meetings (60-day unlimited) to improve strategies for effective results
  • academic skill building (integrated reading, listening, summarizing, note-taking, paraphrasing, topic planning, writing content development, grammar, timing, organization, vocabulary) for better performance
  • typical score improvement 2-6 points


This course is recommended for those who have six hours of study time per week. Students study by personal PC at their convenience. Students receive emailed coursework, which includes academic skills practice in reading, writing, listening, grammar, and vocabulary.

I got the writing score I wanted!

I got the writing score I wanted!


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