“Susan always provided me constructive feedback, improving my writing skill from 24 to 28I believe she is skillful at clarifying issues students have and creating customized advice. Some topics are far from real essay topics, but I realized that creating English essay habits is the most important to improve English ability. I strongly recommend a potential student to try some sessions with Susan. He or she would understand that she is one of the best writing teachers in the world.”

Manabu Miyazaki, Tokyo, Japan, Softbank

     “My writing score jumped up from 22 to 26 in three months. What I learned from Consultsus was writing structure and lots of English phrases that are effective in writing. Sometimes, English has unique phrases that Japanese doesn’t. I believe it is important to learn and internalize these unique phrases for actual business settings. I learned speed writing in only 30 minutes. The course was effective because it was pretty intensive, so I could improve my writing skill before long. All classes were strategically ordered flowing smoothly, and I could improve writing in an effective way. Great coaching and support from Susan. Passion from the instructor. Once I started my MBA here (College of William and Mary,) I was put into “all English environment.” I am sure Susan’s support helped me survive the MBA life.”

Takumi Yamasaki, Williamsburg, Virginia, MBA Candidate, William and Mary, Mason School of Business

     “Consultsus contributed to my goal with the practice materials that helped me understand the structure of both types of questions: Independent and Integrated. In addition, Susan committed to me very well and pointed out what type of weakness I have in each practice. This improved the quality of sentences. If a student wants to improve not only TOEFL score but also the quality of writing, I would strongly recommend getting this product and meeting Susan. I was pleased very much about her great commitment. She never gave up my seeking the goal and gave very quick and kind feedback for each practice even though the program was almost over. Furthermore, she is so genuine, kind, and friendly that I did not have much stress for practicing despite a tough schedule. I would recommend this product, because the quality of Susan’s coaching is super well.”

Kosuke Shiotsuki, Tokyo, Japan, MBA Candidate, Babson College

     “Overall, the product was great. I would suggest the potential student to discuss with Susan and figure out what he/she wants to get out of this course before they enroll in the class. As long as he/she can make an effort, this course would be an excellent opportunity to improve his/her academic writing skills and prepare you for your future study in university or graduate school. For me, taking this course was an excellent way to build up my writing skills before I started my application essays. Before I started studying with Consultsus, my concerns about buying this product were effectiveness (time and cost,) flexibility, and teacher’s teaching skills and commitment to the course. I would highly recommend this course. However, the best results only comes with a commitment from both the teacher and student. The course materials were very structured. I was surprised how easy it was to manage the daily workload, but still improved my English ability. I have been in the U.S. for nine years, so I initially didn’t think it would help me this much. What pleased me the most was Susan’s dedication to the course, dedicated coaching, high quality technical feedback. Susan is an excellent communicator and coach. Having a weekly face to face Skype session motivated me and daily feedback via email improved my writing ability and kept me on the schedule.”

Chiaki Nakajima, San Francisco, California, MBA Candidate, UC Berkeley

     “Consultsus taught me plenty of ways to write high-level English. I needed courses to understand how to get high scores. Coaching B was more practicable for actual tests. Consultsus face-to-face lecture in LA was effective because I was able to recognize my weaknesses and how to study right. I highly appreciated Susan’s profound and quick feedback, and weekly Skype meeting. Although I learned basic tips to get a minimum score (around 24~25) in AGOS, Consultsus improved my writing skill to get a maximum score, which I need to go to one of the top B-schools. I was able to have confidence in writing real English not Japanese English. I had to change my writing style to be a good writer.”

Nao Tominaga, Tokyo, Japan, Toyota

     “I learned how to write English essays…What pleased me was Susan’s quick response, meticulous revision, detailed advice, and Skype lecture. This improves authentic English writing skills.”   

Tomoko Ishikawa, Tokyo, Japan, Shiseido

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