Consultsus is a one-on-one educational consulting service offering writing courses to improve your Test of English as a Foreign Language® (TOEFL) Writing and Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) scores.

  • Are you struggling to raise your exam score quickly?
  • Do you hope to get a high test score for graduate studies in the US or Europe?
  • Do you need two points more in a few weeks?
  • Are you aiming for 26 points or higher?

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  1. Maximize your TOEFL® writing and AWA scores by learning how to have a successful outcome on exam day
  2. Receive personalized coaching with immediate feedback from an expert  About Susan
  3. Get your English assessed to target the exact academic skills needed to lift your English proficiency to a higher level  Client stories
  4. Apply effective strategies to strengthen your weaknesses
  5. Gain useful tools in structure, content, writing style, and grammar to beat the test and acquire essential techniques of what to do and what not to do on TOEFL® writing and AWA  Frequently asked questions
  6. Enjoy flexible study time with convenient online practice and face-to-face Skype coaching  Read more about course packages