How quickly can I improve?

You will notice improvement from one day to the next, from one essay practice to the next, and from one exam to the next. Mastering test-taking and seeing quick score improvement in a week or a month depends on how fast you implement the effective skills and strategies in the courses.

How much are services?

Prices vary depending on coaching services selected. Step 1: make a free initial Skype consultation to discuss scores and goals, and Consultsus can personalize your learning.


TOEFL Writing e-course packages

hourly one-on-one Coaching 

What score do I need?

University programs accepting TOEFL scores each have their own score requirements. Because requirements vary, contact the institution’s program directly online to know what the MBA or other program requirements are. Then, set your TOEFL goal.

How is the online e-course structured?

  • Study skills and best strategies in curriculum to advance score fast
  • Personalized feedback by email within 24 hours
  • One-on-one Skype sessions for strategy guidance at your convenience

You receive digital course materials electronically after you register-Enroll in your choice TOEFL Writing package. Efficient online interaction allows you to study at your convenience and to get personalized comments without delay. Email essays to receive online feedback or schedule convenient meeting times to clarify key strategies and skills.



Depending on your TOEFL ® writing scores and chosen pace of study, for instance 30 days or less (or more,) your e-course will be personalized according to your needs and target scores. Build writing competence with effective tools tailored to you.


Targeted academic skills are in your e-course package to get the best results in the least time. Consultsus commits to providing you customized feedback with tips to quickly turn any weakness into a strength. One-on-one guidance helps you master any necessary skills to beat the writing section.


Learn how to best plan, write, and revise integrated and independent essays for the highest scores. Implement efficient study and test-taking strategies guaranteed to build confidence and keep cool under pressure.

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