How quickly can I improve?

Seeing a change in your score is dependent on how you practice, how you implement strategies, how quickly you change your weakness to strength, and how often you study effectively. If you are motivated to get better, the more to you implement effective strategies, the better your chances to improve your mastery of test-taking. You will be able to see your improvement from one essay to the next. Some students improve within one week, others two weeks or months. Email me, and we can take it from there.

How much do services cost?

An initial thirty-minute consultation is free via Skype to determine your needs and how to best get you to achieve your goals.

To enroll thereafter, services for coaching and packages vary according to what you choose to do:

1-hour Skype coaching

30 or 60-day TOEFL writing or AWA package

4-essay written feedback


What score do I need to be accepted by a university into an MBA program?

No pass/fail scores exist for the test, however, universities/colleges accepting TOEFL scores each have their own score requirements for MBA applicants. Consequently, requirements vary. Contact the institution’s MBA program directly online to know what the minimum requirements are in order for you to know if the MBA program requires TOEFL and for you to set your goal.



Gain TOEFL ® Writing and AWA strategies on how to plan, write, and revise your essays for the highest score. Receive personalized writing guidance on how to change your weaknesses to strengths.

Your writing evaluated quickly

You get your writing evaluated quickly




ConsultSus offers a client-centered approach. Help is guaranteed until you reach your desired writing score. ConsultSus focuses achieving the best results in the least time. To resolve any questions, you have the advantage of professional one-on-one communication with customized feedback. ConsultSus helps you keep cool under pressure, gain confidence, and boost your writing competence with effective tools.

Dedicated TOEFL advisor



Personalized Feedback by Email/Skype

Course materials are emailed. Online communication by email/Skype provides efficient interaction so that students can study at their convenience and receive personalized comments with no delay. After emailing essays, receive online feedback or schedule a convenient meeting time to learn how to improve both tasks on the TOEFL ® Writing and on the AWA.

Chat at your convenience

Chat at your convenience




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