AWA 8-week package

AWA 8-week package


  1. seven AWA receive coaching feedback
  2. Convenient one-on-one Skype coaching AWA strategy


This course is recommended for those who have at least 2 ½ hours to dedicate to AWA each week. Study by PC at your convenience. Receive coursework via email with a list of AWA essay prompts, sample essays, AWA practice simulation with prompts and coaching feedback, tips on AWA structure, approach, and timing

Learn how the raters score, how to identify and analyze flaws such as fallacy or assumption, how to evaluate an argument and form alternative explanations, how to use key words in the question and transitional phrases to build the response, how to write a coherent critique of the argument in a structured format, how to support the critique with reasons and examples, how to write to the raters


Write your way to success!




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