Interviewing Package

Two 60-minute Skype sessions:  one-on-one interview practice specific to your school

Fee:  $200. USD

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  • I’ll email you a customized list of questions. Be ready to tell your story in different ways to answer various questions. Focus on quantitative outcomes and qualitative impact to make your accomplishments stand out. Practice your responses in the mirror beforehand.
  • During our Skype sessions, I’ll test your ability to discuss issues that may be of concern to the school and assess whether you are communicating effectively. Practice your responses in the mirror after our interview sessions.

1st hour:  initial interview with either open-ended questions or behavioral questions to assess your strengths and weaknesses. For 30 minutes, you respond to specific question; for the last 30 minutes, you receive feedback and you target more effective responses. If there’s time, we may discuss other ways an interviewer may ask you to talk about the same information.

2nd hour (a separate scheduled Skype session): Discuss target strategy to model your answers followed by an interview to practice model answers and added feedback. If time permits, we can discuss three final Q&A closing questions or other questions that might concern you.

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