Consultsus’ mission is to help you get high TOEFL writing results.

Passion and Story

Susan Lee スーザン•リ

Consultsus online coaching started in 2012 with the inspiration to individualize TOEFL test writing preparation for best results.

  • personalize the writing preparation process to your needs
  • analyze how you can best improve quickly
  • provide effective tools to better skills and strategies
  • empower you with one-on-one quality feedback
  • inspire you to overcome challenges and realize your potential beyond what you thought was possible

Impact Helping Others 

The seeds stemmed from a longtime international career in teaching English to university students and professionals, training professors, advising, writing curriculum, interpreting and translating books. My education at Cornell University and at University of California, Berkeley inspired my mission to change the world through education. I’ve since dedicated my life to transform the lives of students using the best strategies to help them achieve their highest results.


Consultsus educational coaching service is passionate about serving humanity and making a difference in people’s lives. We give back at least 1% to fund charity projects to influence worldwide education.

ConsultSusはTOEFL iBTのWritingスコア対策のために開発された教育カウンセリングサービスです。自身のペースで学習可能なEコースを提供しています。




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