Tips for TOEFL 1-5

  1. Get information at the official TOEFL website
    TOEFL’s site is It tells about testing sites and updates. If you have questions, this is the site to visit to get useful tips. It even has some free downloads such as a list of independent writing topics for question two of the writing section.
  2. Know the requirements
    Non-native English students who want to apply to a specific school in the US or other English-speaking countries often need to take the TOEFL. First, learn what score the schools you are interested in require. Each section of the exam is scored out of 30. Many colleges look for higher writing scores. Test scores last for two years.
  3. Know the test format
    Know the format of the Internet-based TOEFL (iBT) before you start studying. Lower exam stress by knowing what to expect beforehand. Be familiar with the format of each section on the standardized exam.
  4. Practice exam simulation
    Prepare by taking practice tests. Get different books that have updated vocabulary, practice exercises, exams, audio CDs, and answers; study the sections that are the most difficult for you.
  5. Get an experienced TOEFL instructor
    A student should have an expert native English teacher who has mastered TOEFL. When you study, you will encounter many issues in the book that perhaps you cannot answer yourself. If you become frustrated, you may give up. In order to avoid this, you can have someone to ask questions to. If the teacher is knowledgeable, you can get answers to your questions. If you are unable to pay for an instructor, find a student who has already taken the test. Other students can help you with tips on questions. You can practice your English with another student as well. Studying with another student is an effective learning strategy.


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